Service Capabilities

  • Design and fabrication of heating, air conditioning, exhaust, make-up air and dust collection systems.
  • Fabrication of round and rectangular ductwork, hoods, chutes, guards, plenums, structural stands and supports and many other miscellaneous fabrication projects.
  • Air flow systems trouble shooting, air flow readings and testing and balancing of HVAC and dust collection systems. We can also assist with most air flow and fan related problems, recommend solutions to the problems, provide estimates and make necessary repairs.

Fabrication Capabilities

  • Spiral pipe and round fittings and rectangular duct and fittings.
  • Miscellaneous sheet metal and structural products.
  • Shearing capability of 1/4" thick plate material by 10 foot lengths.
  • Breaking capacity up to 12 foot lengths -1/4" plate.
  • Rolling capability of 6 foot lengths with minimum 12" diameter on 3/8" and 20"diameter on 1/2" materials.
  • Welding of all metal types in MIG, TIG and ARC.
  • Computerized plasma table with cutting capacities up to 1" thickness.
  • Delivery service is available to your job site or yard.